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Āsiṃsanā- (Poem of Eulogy) by Ähelepola MAHINDA In Honour of Ven. Dr. Tampalawela Dhammaratana Preface Understanding Early Buddhist Oral Narrative Bhikkhu ANĀLAYO Temps absolu, temps relatif, et bouddhisme humaniste Dessein BART Buddhism and Social Justice: Why Equality, for what sake Equity, and which Inequalities? François CHENET Über die tiefste Bedeutung des Wortes DHARMA vor allem im frühen Buddhismus Michael COLSMAN The Resurgence of the Tripiá¹­aka in Sri Lanka’s Preoccupations: Ancient and Modern Contributions to the Preservation and Understanding of the Buddhavacana Mahinda DEEGALLE The Celestial Coral Tree and the Noble Disciple: Ekottarika-āgama Discourse 39.2 BhikkhunÄ« DHAMMADINNĀ The Emergence of Bhikkhuṇī Sāsana (Order of Nuns) and its Vicissitudes in Ancient Sri Lanka Malini DIAS Rereading the «Career of the Conqueror» - Some text-critical notes on the Jinacarita Dragomir DIMITROV Digitalizing Buddhist Stories: Literary Texts and Digital Texts Xiaoping DONG Préservation de la Nature dans les Enseignements Bouddhiques Patricia GADEN The Benefit of Cooperation: Recovering the Śokavinodana Ascribed to Aśvaghoá¹£a Jens-Uwe HARTMANN Kazunobu MATSUDA Péter-Dániel SZÁNTÓ Transferts culturels : Traduire l'argumentation philosophique - Cas d’étude du Shenisha jing 闍尼沙經Janavasabha-sutta (Le cas de Janavasabha) Siyan JIN Dharmaratnalekhā - Letter to Dharmaratna Davuldeṇa JÑĀNEŚVARA Gleichheit: Ein Beitrag zur Beziehung Selbst –Anderer im Denken Śāntidevas Gisela KREY Buddhism: Monolith or System? Lewis LANCASTER La comparaison des lumières du Soleil avec la nature du Bouddha Robert LECHEMIN A Study on the Nestorianism Remains in Dunhuang Caves Boya LI 中å›oe最早的ç-…观åoe±é™¢ ——莫高窟北魏257窟故事画的图像叙事及空间关系研究 Ling LUO The Asgiri Mahā Vihāraya: An Introduction to the History and Administrative Procedure Godagama MANGALA The Contribution of Udhbhaá¹­á¹­ha to Alaṃkāra Śāstra Kivulegedara NĀRADA H. S. Olcott and the Revivals of Hinduism and Buddhism Initiated by the Theosophical Society James A. SANTUCCI   A Practice of the Four Immeasurables (apramāṇa) in the Sarvāstivāda School Wei SHAN Role of Daoism in the Expansion of Buddhism in China Lalji SHRĀVAK Humanistic Buddhism and Religious Pluralism from the perspectives of Pali Tipiá¹­aka Siddharth SINGH Vidyānandin’s Examination of Buddhist Teachings in his Satyaśāsana-parÄ«kṣā Jayandra SONI The Lightness of the JÄ«va. Omniscience, Liberation and Bliss in a Jaina Text on ‘ultimate dying’ Luitgard SONI Philosophen der Kyôto-Schule in ihrer Beziehung zu Meister Eckhart: Konfrontation und Faszination Johannes SOTH An Outstanding Lay Buddhist : The Great Compassionate Grand Queen Insu Bhikkhuni SOUN Origin of the Buddhist Sangha Lineage of the Uva Wellassa Region Badullagammana SUMANASĀRA The Five Skandha and Nāma-RÅ«pa Scheme According to Buddhist Philosophy Doboom TULKU The Gedige Rāja Mahā Vihāraya or the Route of the Daladā Perehera. Wendaruwe Dharmakeerthi UPĀLI The Story of Peaches and Pears Told by Xuanzang: Another Angle on China-India Cultural Exchange Bangwei WANG Djé Tsongkhapa (1357-1419) et le temple de Dzine-tchi Françoise WANG-TOUTAIN Buddha und der halbe Nobelpreis. Notizen zu einem “vergessenen” Dichter Elsbeth WARNECKE Bangert de Vondel – Bilder (Paintings) 1990-2020 (Review Article) Bhikkhu PĀSĀDIKA Dragomir Dimitrov, The Legacy of the Jewel Mind. On the Sanskrit, Pali, and Sinhalese Works by Ratnamati (Review Article) Bhikkhu PĀSĀDIKA  
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