The Transformation of Research in the South, Policies and outcomes
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The Transformation of Research in the South

Policies and outcomes

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Profound transformations are affecting the research systems around the world.
We witness the emergence of new or restructured organizations to steer public
research or promote innovation, new programmatic directions within these
organizations, increased funding dedicated to research in academic settings,
and new domestic and international partnerships and collaborations. A
multiplicity of organizations and funding sources have appeared, creating a
complex web where resources circulate along with knowledge in ways that are
reshaping research systems in the South. This book gathers a large sample of
these changes presented during a symposium organized by IDRC, IRD, IFRIS, and
OECD, seeking to better understand their institutional, political and economic
drivers. These cases document the building of scientific capacity and the
broader use of results from scientific research and presents lessons for
public policy. A large variety of case studies of specific research
organizations and comparative analysis of the wider research system are
presented in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
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