Research Methods for the DBA
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Business Science Institute

Research Methods for the DBA

Éditions EMS

Business Science Institute


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The thesis completed as part of the Doctorate in Business Administration,
called the DBA, requires the candidate to choose from a wide range of research
methods and tools so this project can become reality. Determining, choosing,
implementing and contextualizing research methods and tools are all crucial
steps for the success of the research work undertaken as part of the DBA

The 30 chapters of this book have been prepared to the attention of DBA
candidates, to orient and guide them in choosing research methods and tools.
The first part raises the question of the choice of research methods; the
second one deals with data collection methods; the third part focuses on data
analysis methods; and the fourth surveys the contextualization of methods.
Written so as to ensure contents are accessible and to foster learning, the
chapters provide the foundations and resources to guide methodological

This book is the English augmented edition of the French edition published as
part of the Business Science Institute collection. The aim is to produce
reference books to guide the academic work of doctoral candidates in the
scientific training curriculum of the DBA. The first collective book published
in 2015, The Creation of Knowledge by Managers (available in French), aimed to
establish the main guidelines for this new role assumed by managers in
management practice: that of new knowledge producers. Also part of the
collection, the book How to Successfully Complete Your DBA?, aims to guide the
research elaboration and execution of the DBA thesis.
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