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Roads of Arabia
Louvre Abu Dhabi / Art Book Magazine Éditions
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Roads of Arabia

Louvre Abu Dhabi / Art Book Magazine Éditions


  • AideEAN13 : 9782821601062
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This catalogue, which accompanies the exhibition “Roads of Arabia: Archaeological Treasures of Saudi Arabia”, presents a historical journey through the trade routes, incense roads and pilgrimage paths of the Arabian Gulf. Following the major themes of the exhibition and highlighting its masterpieces, the book introduces a variety of cultures that inhabited these lands through their statues, funerary monuments, grave goods and daily use objects. Beginning with artifacts from the earliest human settlements to prehistoric times, continuing through to the dawn of Islam and precious religious objects and finally exploring the Middle Ages and the modern period with maps and photographs, the catalogue illustrates the essential connections and networks that the Gulf has always maintained with surrounding regions and civilizations.
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