The inland water fishes of Africa, Diversity, ecology and human use
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The inland water fishes of Africa

Diversity, ecology and human use

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The equilibrium of inland hydrosystems is presently a cause for concern, with
species extinction rates there estimated to be 5 times higher than for
terrestrial fauna in the 21st century. Urgent measures must be taken to
conserve these ecosystems particularly with regard to fishes, which represent
an especially rich and diverse evolutionary heritage. Fishes were long
unaffected by human activity on the African continent, but anthropogenic
pressure has increased in recent decades. Good management of African
continental waters is thus of paramount importance in terms of heritage and
economics, as fishes are a vital natural resource for the people in sub-
Saharan Africa. In view of biodiversity conservation, African fishes are
investigated here as a biological model owing to their enormous ecological and
genetic diversity. It is essential to know the ecology and structure of
various communities, and to understand the impact of human activity. This book
discusses the diversity of environments, the origin and evolution of species,
survival and adaptive strategies, the structure of fish communities, and the
impact of human activity. It also devotes a section to fisheries and fish
culture. This ambitious project summarizes the current state of knowledge on
African fishes and their populations, highlighting the mechanisms regulating
their equilibrium and the causes contributing to their erosion. It is a
reference not just for readers involved in African aquatic environments, but
for anyone interested in biodiversity conservation in general.
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